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Isometric Muscle Balancing

Visit Serendipity Wellness Studio, located in Burke, VA, to discover the difference this amazing treatment has to offer!

60 minutes.... $102

isometric muscle balancing northern va

Take Back Your Life and Live Again!

Stop putting your life on hold and let us help you restore the quality of living you deserve!

Turn the breaker switch back on and get relief:
    •    Free up nerve and blood flow to injured areas.
    •    Restore and enhance your quality of life.

Isometric balancing is a technique for bringing the body into balance and ridding it of the pain and discomfort of injury and stress. This technique stands out above the rest because it is used to turn on signals between the brain and the body, allowing them to connect by either lengthening or contracting the appropriate muscles. This allows the muscles to correct any poor postural patterns that may exist. Come to Serendipity Wellness Studio, located in Burke Virginia, to discover why we have some of the best treatments in the Northern Virginia area.

How Isometric Muscle Balancing Can Help You:

When the body has had an injury that affects the nerve flow, it is like turning off a breaker switch in the body. The proper stages of rehabilitation cannot fully be attained without turning the switch back on. When that switch is turned back on, the body can then regenerate the muscles. Weak muscles become strong and the muscles that are overly strong become weaker. The body comes back into balance; further re-education and range of motion activity can help an affected individual to achieve pain relief.

This re-education breakthrough has helped to restore and enhance the quality of life from:


Frozen Shoulder Knee & Hip Pain
Fibromyalgia Rotator Cuff issues
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Back & Sciatica Problems
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Neurological Disorders
Bunions/Hammer Toes Traumatic Brain Injury
Lou Gehrig's Disease Plantar Fasciitis
Parkinson’s Disease Dislocations
Disc Issues Stroke
TMJ, MD, MS, & Others



This muscle re-educationl aids the body in healing itself, diminish pain and discomfort and restore complete range of motion in all joints.  When the body is completely balanced, all systems work optimally and you are free from pain.  


Each session lasts about 1 hour.  Clients should wear comfortable, loose clothing, such as what you would wear to take a yoga class.  

Starting at your feet and ending with your head, this is a gentle, non-invasive routine to stretch your body, while you gently resist pressure for the therapists’ hands.  We work with your body to find the proper balance.  This retrains muscle memory in the contracted muscle to release and stretch.  When you relax, the muscle you were working on will lengthen.  Muscles that are too loose will learn to tighten up and better perform their intended function.

What people are saying:

"Over the past year I've experienced twin frozen shoulders. If you know what those are, you know how much it sucks.  If you don't... may you never know.  I visited Serendipity Wellness Studio a few months ago, with the goal of doing something-- anything-- to encourage an increase in my range of motion.  It was recommended that I try the Isometric Muscle Balancing.  The studio was relatively easy to find, even though I wasn't from the area. And it was a pleasant environment.  Make sure you show up a little early for your first appointment so that you can fill out paperwork.  As for the session, I distinctly remember thinking that I was wasting my time. Sure, I felt relaxed but I couldn't see any way that this process was going to help.  I still felt the same way while I was paying.  That the woman was very nice, but whatever, this was a wasted trip.  I was still thinking the same thing as I walked down the stairs and opened the door without thinking  (something I'd actually had trouble doing when I arrived). It finally hit me when I reached around to adjust my seat belt.  My shoulders were  slightly better. I could reach my back belt loop for the first time in 4 months.  Highly recommended.  Even by a skeptic like me."  -- Michele Z.

"I injured my back lifting heavy boxes. After many, many chiropractic visits and two acupuncture visits that gave me only temporary relief, I tried Isometric Muscle Balancing. All it took was one session and I was as good as new. It was like she hit the reset button on my body and restored my health. Highly recommend it for pain" -- Shelly


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